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Library Research and Instruction During Campus Closure

This guide is for students and faculty who may have questions about library resources during the closure.

Embedding Research Guides into Canvas

You now have the ability to embed a library research guide directly into your Canvas course. Guides you might consider embedding:

To embed a research guide, follow these steps:

  1. Decide which module you want to add the guide to, and click the Add Item icon (the plus sign).
  2. In the first dropdown menu, select External Tool.
  3. Scroll down the list of tools, and select Research Guides.
  4. In the new dropdown menu, select Research Guides again (it's your only choice).
  5. In Content Type, select the type of content you want to embed. Most often you will want Full LibGuide.
  6. In Guide, search for and select the actual guide. (Example: If you want the Biology Research Guide, you can type "biology" and the Biology Research Guide will appear in the list.)
  7. Click Embed Content.
  8. Click Add Item.
  9. It is unpublished by default, so remember to publish it so your students can view it.

The guide is now included as a page in the module, allowing students to navigate through the chosen guide without ever leaving Canvas.

Embedding a Librarian into Your Course

We ask that you first contact your librarian before adding them to your course. Once inside your course, a Librarian can help embed library-related content and be included in class discussions or assignments related to research. To add a Librarian to your course, follow these steps:

  1. Click People on the left-side navigation bar
  2. Click + People in the lower right
  3. Click the Login ID radio button 
  4. Type in your Librarian’s employee ID number with the W. (You can obtain any employee’s ID number through Los Rios Outlook users – or simply ask your librarian to share this information with you.)
  5. In the Role drop down menu, select Librarian
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Add Users

This action will generate an invitation to join your course. Once accepted, your Librarian can become an active member of your course community.