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Biology 430/431 - Anatomy & Physiology (Rogers)

Citing Your Research

Creating Your List of References
Refer to the National Library of Medicine Style Guide:Sample References as outlined in your assignment when creating your list of references. The NLM Style Guide link below takes you to the comprehensive online guide. The librarians are happy to direct to the applicable parts of the style guide. However, please talk to your instructor if you have specific citation questions.

Searching for the Abbreviation from the Full Journal Title
When citing research articles, the NLM style requires you to use the abbreviated form of a journal title.

  • Go to the Journal Abbreviation Search link below
  • Type the journal title into the search bar, e.g., Archives of Family Medicine
  • Click on Search

When you find a matching result, click on the title to see the journal information, including the NLM Title Abbreviation. For the example of Archives of Family Medicine, the abbreviation is Arch Fam Med.

Note that not every journal title has an abbreviation. If the title consists of one word, or short words, then the abbreviation is usually the same as the full journal title, e.g., the abbreviation of the full journal title Circulation is still Circulation. However, the abbreviated title of Heart, Lung & Circulation is Heart Lung Circ.

Providing Database URLs

Some of the citations require a URL (or website address) to the database from which you retrieved your article. Please do NOT copy and paste the address that is located at the top of your web browser. If you want to link to a particular database, please do the following:

  • Make sure you are using the off-campus link, so that users can get there from both on- and off-campus.
  • To do this, copy the database link from the off-campus Research Databases page
  • Then find the name of the database you used, such as Medline or ScienceDirect. Grab the URL, right-click the link and copy it, then paste into your citation.