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Biology 310 - General Biology (Jahangiri, S.): Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Scholarly, Academic, Peer Reviewed - What does it mean?

Peer Review describes the process an article goes through before publication. Peer reviewed articles are often called scholarly, academic, refereed or juried.

Elements of a Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Article

Articles in peer reviewed or scholarly journals are usually reporting on original research. The article typically have the following elements:

  • Author(s) credentials or academic affiliation
  • A lengthy abstract
  • Report on the research methodology
  • Conclusion or results of the research
  • Footnotes or in-text references
  • A lengthy bibliography*

Different types of periodical articles and the kind of information they contain.
         Journal articles - scholarly or professional.
         Magazine articles - popular or current topics.
         Newspaper articles - current events and news.   

Basic Format of Original Research Article    
Methods (Material and Methods)
Discussion /Conclusions

Selected Biology Databases

The Peer Review Process