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Communication Studies 301 - Introduction to Public Speaking (Thornton-Sides): Find Encyclopedia Entries/Articles

Searching for Encyclopedia Entries/Articles

Encyclopedias and similar reference books are a great way to get background information on your topic, find keywords to search by, etc.

Below are two ways to search for encyclopedia and other reference entries/articles.

The first way to search, Gale eBooks, will search for electronic encyclopedias - this expands your "book" availability by hundreds or thousands!

The second way to search is to use our OneSearch feature - it will find both print (i.e. in FLC or other Los Rios campus libraries) and electronic encyclopedias.

  • You can try searching just by using one or more keywords (i.e. "yoga") or add on "dictionary" or "encyclopedia" - i.e. "yoga dictionary" or "yoga encyclopedia" (and you don't need to use the quotation marks).  Try various combinations of words to see how your results change!