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Art 370 - 3D Design

Strategies and resources for doing research for Art 370

Why Cite Sources?

Citation Style Guides

Includes MLA, APA, and Chicago

Whenever you quote or base your ideas on another person's work, you must acknowledge the source you used.

Citations allow readers to:

  • locate and further explore the sources you consulted
  • show the depth and scope of your research
  • give credit to authors for their ideas

Citations provide:

  • evidence for your arguments
  • add credibility to your work by demonstrating that you have sought out and considered a variety of resources

In written academic work, citing sources is standard practice and shows that you are responding to this person, agreeing with that person, and adding something of your own.

Need detailed instructions on how to format your MLA paper? Watch this video produced by our sister college, American River College.