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Ethnic Studies 300 (Cheshire)

Selecting Keywords and other Search Tips

One of the greatest challenges in starting a new research project is deciding which search terms best describe your topic as you begin the search for resources.  Try to be really succinct/to the point and use just a couple of keywords instead of typing long sentences. The Keywords Video below explains all of this quickly (less than 2 minutes!), so please watch it now. Here are few more tips:

  • Enter keywords that represent your topic:   
  • Limit searches to two or three keywords or phrases:   Native Americans Alcatraz         
  • Don't search with sentences, questions, or long phrases.
  • Combine terms with OR to broaden:   ChicanX  OR  LatinX (this would find items with ChicanX, LatinX or both)
  • Combine terms with AND to narrow:  Asian Americans  AND Cultural Capital  (this would find items with both Asian Americans and cultural capital)
  • Place quotation marks around words you wish to be searched as a phrase: "environmental justice" California Mexican Americans

Keywords Video

Video by CRC Library