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Genealogy and Family History Research Guide: Genealogy Careers

Scholar, professional, and community can research the topic of genealogy by accessing links, reference materials and other books, as well as contact governmental agencies and repositories holding birth, marriage, death, and other relative family history.

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Becoming the genealogist for your family or community, or as a professional, can be rewarding. When conducting your own family genealogy research many family members will seek you for answers to their family history. Often times documenting your own family tree will lead members of your community to consult with you on both personal and community projects establishing you as the community historian or genealogist. You may also find a passion for conducting genealogical research leading you on a career path.

What professions hire genealogists or include genealogy as a part of their paid duties? Several ideas come to mind! archives, libraries, and museums often hire genealogists to develop genealogical finding aids or to assist users with their specific research. These repositories may hire a genealogist to conduct collection development specific to family histories. Most archives, libraries, and museums will hire an archivist, librarian, and/or museum specialist with genealogical expertise to develop, collect, and maintain genealogies and their related resources.

Law firms, archaeology companies, government land offices, real estate firms, and other non-profit sectors often hire genealogists as a permenent or contract employees.

You could lead an exciting and rewarding career as a genealogist or related professional who conducts genealogy research in archives, libraries, and museums. On this page you will find agencies, universities, and other certificate programs of interest.