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Genealogy and Family History Research Guide: Getting Started

Scholar, professional, and community can research the topic of genealogy by accessing links, reference materials and other books, as well as contact governmental agencies and repositories holding birth, marriage, death, and other relative family history.

Family History Questionnaire

Relationship Calculators

Historical Records and Where to Find Them

Below is a chart of where to find what, from birth certificates to land records.


Looks like you are seeking to further develop your knowledge base in genealogy and learn about how you are exactly connected to a certain relative. Well, you have come to the right page that includes great sources that will direct your path, test your abilities, and acurately connect you to that cousin through a common ancestor.

Here you will find questionnaires, quizzes, and calculators. A questionnaire will provide you with a mind jogger to help you make notes on your own life and guide you in recording the life experiences of another family member. A quiz will test your knowledge and strengthen the skills needed to affectively research through the many repositories where genealogical information is held. Calculators are fun tools to discover the exact relationship or status between you and another relative.

Don't forget to watch the video, below, which will show you how to use an online repository of digitized genealogical records. Rememember to have fun and make your family research enjoyable. Taking these quizzes, playing around with the calculator tools, and answering some great questions established by leaders in the genealogy field can only enhance who you are as a person. So, ENJOY!

Using is a free online database of digitized genealogical records, including census records. It is a great place to start your research. For captions, hover over the bottom of the video to locate the CC icon and click.