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APA Style Guide, 7th ed.

This guide provides tips and examples for APA style formatting of papers and citations.

Title Page

A title page should be included unless otherwise specified by your instructor. All elements should be centered both vertically on the paper, and the title should be placed three to four lines from the top of the page. The title page should include:

  • Paper title
  • Author names
  • Author affiliation
  • Course number and name
  • Instructor name
  • Assignment due date

Example of title page formatting

Page Numbers and Headers

The APA Style Website provides guidelines for formatting the header in your paper.

For both student and professional papers, the page number should be included in the upper right corner on all pages including the title page.

For professional papers, the header will also include a running head.

Running Head

The running head is an abbreviated version of the title of your paper (or the full title if the title is already short). In the 7th edition guidelines, the running head is not required for student papers unless the instructor or institution requests it. Thus, typically only professional papers include a running head.

If required by your instructor, follow these instructions.

  • Use the header or page number functions of your word processing program to add the running head to the top left of the page. It should be in line with the page number.
  • The running head should appear in all caps and should display the title of the paper.